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SHES Certificates

The ingredients of Shesmy Eco-friendly Fragrance Pads have passed different certificates as the assurance to protect your health and environment. 

Din certco可生物降解檢測



Shesmy uses Din Certco certificated biodegradable / compostable ingredients,

including the package, the wrap, and the absorbent gel.

The whole menstrual pads can be composted in 6 months after use, 

which effectively reduces waste accumulation.



Shesmy's natural compound essence has passed SGS certification, 

which is 99.9% bacteriostatic in 4 hours on Candida Albicans, Escherichia Coli, and Staphylococcus Aureus.

We assure that Shesmy is fully bacteriostatic to protect your period health.





Shesmy has passed CNS 9324 Feminine Sanitary Napkins Test,

which proves its efficiency and features.

✅No Fluorescent Agent



✅Efficient Absorbancy






Shesmy is vegan without animal testing.

SHES cares every lives on Earth.

We believe that cruel is not acceptable while achieving development. 

兔兔不哭Cruelty Free