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關於產品About Product

1.Why are there yellow dots on the surface of Shesmy?

The absorbent in Shesmy reveals light yellow dots on the surface. It is natural and has certificated by Din Certco, please rest assured to use it.

2.The absorbency, speed, and the color reveal on Shesmy's cotton surface? 

The surface of normal menstrual pads are usually made by non-woven fabrics, PE and other chemical materials. Shesmy’s surface uses 100% natural cotton, in which the pores would be smaller and the absorbency speed would be slower than common plastic surfaces. Smaller pores that are made of pure cotton material create a skin-friendly, breathable, and non-allergic environment for intimate skin, which enhance the period experiences!

3.Is Shesmy plastic-free? How does Shesmy achieve eco-friendly?

Normal sanitary pads contain 90% plastic, and take 500 years to decompose. In contrast, Shesmy has the plastic-free package, the wrap, the glue, and the whole menstrual pad. The wrap of Shesmy is made of corn-based plastic. The glue is certified biodegradable. The printing inks on the package are also eco-friendly. Shesmy only takes 6 months to decompose, which can efficiently decrease menstrual garbage accumulation. 

4.Shesmy's piece packaging?

Shesmy is plastic-free and chemical-free. The material of the package of each pad chooses biodegradable PLA to replace 4Ps and other plastics. PLA is made of corn starch, which the malleability is not as well as normal plastics. When the package gets torn, it might have irregular shapes, while it is the most eco-friendly material to keep the pad hygienic!

5.Shesmy is disposable, is it more eco-friendly than other period products?

Reusable period products and Shesmy are both eco-friendly. Reusable period products are made by reusable plastic, and Shesmy is plastic-free. According to survey results, 80% of menstruators never used reusable period products, and 60% of menstruators are scared of using reusable period products. SHES understands your concerns and inconvenience of using other period products. Shesmy can easily maintain your convenience and also decrease the production of plastics.

6.How does Shesmy decompose? 

According to the results of Din Certco testing, Shesmy is biodegradable in 6-month in a natural environment with soil, sun, air, and water. After Shesmy is grounded and buried through the landfill process, it is non-toxic to compost. However, most garbage in Taiwan goes through an incineration process, which Shesmy is hard to meet natural decomposition conditions. Shesmy yet can incinerate without producing harmful chemicals to protect the environment and our health.

7.What will happen after Shesmy decompose?

According to the lab results from Din Certco, the decomposition of Shesmy is unharmful and safe to the plants, which we can fully trust Shesmy does not endanger the environment.

8.How is the fragrance of Shesmy?

The fragrance of Shesmy comes from our special natural compound essence. It is 99.9% bacteriostatic and nourishing to our intimate skin. Our compound essence is purely natural without chemicals. The tone is light and woody that brings you an elegant, luxurious feeling during the period.

9.What certifications does Shesmy have?

Shesmy has passed different certificates as the assurance to protect your health and environment. Shesmy has Din Certco certification that proves its ingredients are able to biodegrade in 6 months. SGS certificate also examines that the natural compound essence of Shesmy is 99.9% bacteriostatic. Additionally, Shesmy is vegan and has Cruelty Free certification to present the love and care to animals and nature.

10.What is the Super Absorbent of Shesmy?

Shesmy’s super absorbent has the patent as a proof of 6-month decomposition. It also has the patent to stand for its super absorbing ability. Shesmy performs well on absorbency because of this key structure!

11.How to store Shesmy? How long will Shesmy expire?

The way to store Shesmy is the same as others. We recommend to keep Shesmy in a cool dry place. The expiration date of Shesmy is 30 months after production.

12.What is the difference between Shesmy and other common pads?

Shesmy is plastic-free and chemical-free, which achieves our major goals of protecting your health and the Earth. Shesmy uses fully natural contents. It does not have plastizier and EDCs. It contains our special natural fragrance for bacteriostat and nourishing the skin. We believe that the most intimate product needs exquisite design. Therefore, Shesmy is aim to give environment and all menstruators the most relieved, most pleasant period. 

13.Shesmy's value and price?

Shesmy is full of the values of human health and sustainability. Shesmy decreases the contact of EDCs and plasticizers, which also lower the risks of breast cancer, infertility, endometriosis, and other related illnesses. Using pure, natural products can possibly reduce future medical costs and environmental costs.

14.Do pregnant women need menstrual pads? Can Shesmy be used during pregnancy?

If you are preparing for pregnancy, you might need menstrual pads for your periods! Using natural pads is especially important during this moment for the health of you and your baby! Pregnant women still have some secretions that might need to use sanitary pads! Still, Shesmy is purely natural without chemicals and plasticizers, which is more safe and protective to babies. We hope to give you and your babies a healthy life, and a clean Earth! 

15.What causes menstrual blood a foul smell?

The smell of period blood mostly comes out when the blood meets the chemicals on the period products. Shesmy is natural and chemical-free, which would not cause smells. 

Note: Please frequently change your period supply to prevent the smell and keep you healthy!

16.Where is the origin of Shesmy?

SHES strictly selects the cooperators and ingredients. Shesmy is R&D in Taiwan. The cotton mainly origins from the US and Turkey. The natural compound essence and the glue mainly come from Europe. The package and the pads are manufactured in China. SHES makes sure every step of production is qualified to present the best quality Shesmy to our besties.   

17.Does the production process of Shesmy conform to ethics and the concepts of SHES?

SHES chooses certificated natural ingredients to produce Shesmy. We strictly inspect every contents to make sure Shesmy is pure, natural, and healthy to meet our standard and goals. Our cooperators are ISO certificated ethical companies. We also invited third-party organizations to approve us as the assurance of Shesmy. We hope to bring customers the safest product. 

18.Will SHES produce other kinds of eco-friendly products?

SHES would like to investigate any product that conforms the concepts of SHES and has the great outlook to bring a better life quality. This is a large accomplishment that requires SHES to maintain our high standard quality, and your support! 

19.Does Taiwan have a biodegradable system for Shesmy to reach sustainability goals?

So far, Taiwan does not widely use the biodegradable system for waste disposal. What we can do for now is to widely use biodegradable products and claim for the disposal system. This revolution is a long path that needs everyone to participate. We believe by the public mass power, we could finally achieve sustainability in the future!



1.What is a product subscription?

Product subscription is a service that will be automatically delivered according to the cycle and contents you choose. The cycle is available for 30 days (one month), 60 days (two months), 90 days (three months), and 180 days (six months).

For example, if you place an order for product A (30-day cycle) on 5/1, it will automatically produce an order after 30 days (5/31) and another order after 30 days (6/30), and so on.

2.Can I adjust the delivery date of product subscriptions?

To adjust the delivery date, please contact SHES Customer Service 3 working days before the order is generated, providing your order number and the date you want to adjust. As a reminder, after adjusting the delivery date of a product subscription, subsequent orders will also be adjusted.

For example, if you place an order for product A (30-day cycle) on 5/1, it will automatically produce an order after 30 days (5/31). If the order (5/31) is adjust to 6/5, the next order will be automatically produced on 7/5 (6/5+30 days).

3.Can I adjust the contents of product subscriptions?

Before the status of the first order is changed to "shipped", you can contact SHES Customer Service to adjust the order. If the first order has been shipped, you need to cancel the original order and place a new order.

4.Can I change my payment method / binding credit card of product subscriptions?

You can change your credit card and pay again after receiving the notification email of payment failure. If the payment is successful, the new credit card will be used for subsequent purchase orders.

5.Can I use the shopping money or other discounts in product subscriptions?

The price of product subscription already includes a special discount, therefore, except for the first order, the subsequent orders can not be applied to shopping money and other discounts.

6.Can I cancel a product subscription?

Of course! If you need to cancel the service, please contact SHES customer service 3 working days before the next order is generated. Once the order is made, it will be processed according to the Return Policy.

關於付款About Payment

1.About Payment Methods

You can purchase by credit cards, LINE PAY, and electronic transfer.

2.How long will I get Shesmy?

The estimated shipping date is 2 to 5 days after you place your order. 

3.How to make a return?

Please check our Return Policy page to see more details! If you need further information, please contact us!

4.How to use my coupon?

Please check our Membership page to see more details! If you need further information, please contact us!

5.Sales and Discounts?

Please join SHES membership for monthly promotions! We also have some occasional promotions on this website! Please follow our social media and websites for further announcements!

關於通路About Access

1.Where can I buy Shesmy?

You can purchase through SHES official website, Watsons, PChome, Pinkoi, LINE shoppingShopee, Eslite, and Taiwan Duty Free(Terminal 2 of Taoyuan International Airport). We will also sell through retail channels in the future for your convenience! Please join our membership for further discounts!

2.Can I get Shesmy overseas?

We welcome oversea besties to experience Shesmy and join our green action! Please fill out the form, we will reach out to you soon!

3.Retailers and Cooperations

Welcome to join our green action! If you are interested for retails or cooperations, please fill out the form and we will reach out to you soon!

關於會員About member

1.What are the levels of SHES membership?

Please check Membership page for more details! If you have any questions, please contact us! 

2.I forget my password

Please go to the Login page and click on forget password for resetting your password.  If you have any questions, please contact us!