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Join SHES membership for exclusive discounts!


Bestie Offer 1

For new bestie!

Join SHES membership for NT$100 gift credits!


Bestie Offer 2

Bestie birthday gift

Up to NT$200 birthday gift credits!

SHES Exclusive Discount

Bestie Offer 3

Exclusive Discount

Up to 9% off when purchasing!


Bestie Offer 4

Bestie Special Day

Special discounts on the 5th of every month!

閨蜜升級制度Upgrade System

Gift Cash Policy |

1. You can check your gift cash when you login into your profile. Your SHES store credits cannot be returned or changed into real cash. 

2. Your new member reward NT$100 store credits will expire in 365 days after you register.  

3. You will be upgraded to PINK level when you finish your first order. 

4. You will receive your birthday gift credits on your birthday. It will expire in 30 days. 

5. All occasional discounts and exclusive discounts will automatically applied to your purchase. 

6. The purchasing system will firstly apply the store credits that is the closest to expiration.

7. Store credits can only pay for product items. It cannot be used for delivery discounts or transfer to other accounts.

8. Membership special discounts cannot be applied to occasional discount items.

9. Used store credits will not be returned if you return or cancel the order.

10. You will receive promotion emails only if you make the consent.

11. SHES reserves the right to change the specifications of our events without further notice. 

giving SHES feedback for gift cash

Steps |

1. You will receive the order email after you place the order. 

2. Login to SHES, click on "ratings," and write down your feedback!

3. Give the rating and leave a comment more than 20 words. The comments cannot be repeated. You will receive your NT$50 gift credits!

Invite friends to SHES for gift cash

Invite Your Besties|

1. Invite your friends to SHES for NT$50 gift credits!

*You will receive your gift credits 7 days after your friends receive the items.