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SHES Brand Story

SHES, is founded in 2021.

While our CEO Cheryl was preparing for her pregnancy,

she suddenly suspected whether the sanitary pads

could be harmful to her health. 


"Normal menstrual pads contains 90% plastic."

"One menstrual pads takes 500 years to decompose."


We never doubt that the clean, white sanitary pad might be harmful to our health,

yet it may contains environmental hormones, plasticizer, and other chemicals

that could lead to serious health consequences in the long term. 

Additionally, used plastic sanitary pads could cause

severe garbage accumulation and pollutions to Earth.


For the responsibility as a resident of Earth,

for better health of every lives,

and, of course, for her baby,

Cheryl resolutely establishes SHES, 

and investigates Shesmy Eco-friendly Fragrance Pads 

to provide another healthy, eco-friendly choice for all menstruators.

SHES understands menstruators could

be scared or inconvenient to use internal menstraul products,

yet still wish to accomplish environmental sustainability goals.


SHES invites every of you to protect our planet.